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Why pay unnecessary bank fees when you don't have to? Which are the best free checking accounts and which banks are offering them? Don't forget that credit unions are an excellent alternative to banks. With the same insurance protection for your deposits as bank checking accounts, and in many cases lower fees and higher interest rates on your savings, why wouldn't anyone want to check them out. Online banks/internet banks are making a huge dent on the market today. Most of these online checking accounts are free and they offer many perks such as ATM fee reimbursement and much higher interest rates on your money. 

With so many banking options being offered, it is difficult to know, which bank's free checking account offer is the right one for you. Every banking institution has their own checking deal of some kind and each organization will tell you that their's is the best. Beware...not all free checking offers are created equal. Some banks charge hidden fees, while others have a minimum balance requirement and still others require that you sign up for direct deposit in order to open a checking account with no monthly fees. is a search engine created to help you find the best free checking account offers and deals. Whether it is a bank with free online banking, or a bank offering free checks, search for them here.


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Whether it is online bill pay, free online banking, interest bearing checking accounts, or free checks, banks will continue to offer you more and more benefits to win over your business and loyalty. As a consumer it is your responsibility to search for the best deals and take advantage of them. Despite the loud chatter about free checking accounts no longer being checking is still alive and well. You just have to know where to look to find them. You have to think outside of the box and take a closer look at the internet banking offers or those offered by credit unions.

While some banks like Bank of America, Wachovia, Chase, Citibank, and other large banks may have changed the terms of their personal checking accounts offers, these and many other major banks still offer banking customers the opportunity to open no maintenance fee checking accounts. No fee checking accounts now come with more restrictions and requirements, in many cases, higher deposit minimums and higher minimum daily or monthly balance requirements in order to keep those checking accounts free.

If it seems like there is lot of confusion on the direction and longevity of free checking accounts, it is justified. To put it in perspective, over the last several years, we were all spoiled by the plethora of the amazing free checking account offers available everywhere. Banks and credit unions were offering you money just to open a checking account with them. It was great while it lasted, but that was simply unsustainable. With free bank account offers like that, it was only a matter of time before everything returned to reality.

Some of the best free checking accounts are online checking accounts. HSBC, ING, Ally Bank, and Capital One Bank are just a few of the many internet banks that still offer free online checking accounts. Other banks include Brightstar Credit Union, Univest National Bank and Trust Company, and many more. Banks like Citibank and Chase will waive their banking fees if you maintain a certain combined deposit amount, which can include not just your savings account, but your loans and investments as well.

Chase allow customers to open and maintain free checking accounts, if you those banking consumers use their debit cards a certain number of times on a monthly basis, or utilize the direct deposit feature. Bank of America began offering a new free checking account last year that was free as long as customers don’t go inside the bank. So, as you can see, even for the big banks that may have changed their fee-free checking account offers, it doesn’t mean that they have eliminated their costless checking programs all together.

The people who are going to feel it the most are the ones who are not able to increase their deposits to meet the new minimum balance requirement amounts that have been imposed, in order to keep their checking accounts free. These people may suffer by accumulating more checking account fees. Some of these people may actually be forced to close down their checking accounts. No matter how bleak things may seem, there is always hope. A rash of second chance checking accounts have become available and these bank accounts allow even those with poor credit and who have been denied a checking account, the opportunity to open and maintain a checking account.

A great example is BBVA Compass Bank. They have a second chance checking account with no minimum balance requirement and free online banking. The account comes with unlimited check writing and a Free Visa Check Card. There is a small monthly service charge, but for those who have been denied a checking account this might be a great place to start to rebuild and maybe one day you too can qualify for a traditional no-fee checking account.

Where are the best free checking accounts and how can you find them? Bank account offers that feature no-fee checking are still available. Personal bank accounts devoid of fees do exist, and you can qualify for one. One option is to start looking at your local community banks and credit unions. Not only is the money that you deposit going to be used to help your local community, but you will be able to build close personal relationships that you may not have been able to do with an international conglomerate.